GCh. Tontines Chance Redemtion

The focus at Pawsatively is the conditioning and professional presentation of beautiful, sound show dogs who conform to their standards.  Throughout our forty years in the dog show world, we have shown and finished dogs from all seven groups. We have successfully campaigned dogs to the top ten in their breeds and qualified multiple times with multiple breeds for the Eukanuba National Championship show. But our pride lays in our ability to finish champions for our clients quickly, ethically and joyfully.

We are successful in the show ring because we concentrate on breeds we have studied in depth. We do not consider ourselves “all breed handlers” but rather Multi-breed handlers.  From individualized conditioning programs, grooming to enhance the positive attributes of the dog and finally the proper breed-specific presentation at Pawsatively Handling we are committed to excellence for our clients.  We feel this is best achieved by taking on only a select number of dogs.  This way the level of care and presentation are never compromised.

Hiring a professional handler is a big step in showing your dog.  Clients worry that their dog will not be happy or will be relegated to a crate or kennel run all day. Some worry their dog will be changed and returned to them unable to live life as before. At Pawsatively, dogs are our passion.  Individual attention, playing, grooming, conditioning and training for the ring are a part of every client dog’s day.  We treat every dog as if it were ours.  Dogs returned to our clients are fit, happy and ready to resume life as a family pet. Before you hire any professional handler observe them in and out of the ring.  Talk to current and past clients, review their rate schedules, and ask questions.  No matter who you hire, you must be absolutely comfortable with the arrangement.

If you like what you see on our website, feel free to contact us about helping your show dog maximize his potential.  We are always available to talk dogs or discuss your needs.

Please check out our blog to keep abreast of our activities in the dog show world. Our calendar of events is a great place to find out where we are going and other events we hold or attend.